The Number One Problem with bbw Dating Sites

The reason why bbw dating sites tend to suck is that a lot of them are basically cookie cutter websites. It seems that they got copied and pasted from some sort of central template. The reason for this is that the people behind such websites are simply riding on the demand.

The internet is a market-driven creature. If there is no demand for something, content and websites based on a particular niche will not appear. It all boils down to dollars and cents.

Bbw Actually Means Something

You have to remember that when you say bbw, it really means something. It means good-looking women who are over 50 lbs. overweight. Do you see the elements to this? First of all, you are looking for a woman. Second, you are looking for a good-looking woman as defined by face and proportion. And third, she has to be 50 lbs. or more overweight.

By this definition, a lot of the bbw dating sites out there are not real. They are not authentic because a lot of the chicks there are simply pudgy and overweight. I’m sorry, but that’s not bbw. And if you’re still not convinced than go straight to the source which is

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